Miss Misery. (_anndisaster) wrote in lecinematheque,
Miss Misery.


1. Name -Annie
2. Age -17
3. Spot on the map that you live -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4. Favorite Actor / Actress -Kevin Spacey and Diane Keaton
5. Favorite Director -Kevin Smith, Roman Polanski, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock
6. Favorite Score / Soundtrack (both, if you want) -Garden State's soundtrack was awesome but... all-time favorite is either The Graduate or Empire Records.  Ha.

7. Top 10 Favorite Films.
(In no particular order)
- Chasing Amy
- Clerks
- The Graduate
- Sleepaway Camp II
- Annie Hall
- Half-Baked
- Rear Window
- Natural Born Killers
- Lolita (original version)
- Mallrats

8. If you could live in any film, what would it be? Annie Hall.

9. Last Perfect film you saw (four stars, best of the year, 10/10, anything) Two Brothers.  I would say Garden State but I didn't like the "Infinite Abyss" references.  But the rest of the movie was divine.

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