the only living girl in California. (_like_snow) wrote in lecinematheque,
the only living girl in California.


I made the mistake of seeing "saw"

In my opinion it wasn't scarey, as I was hoping it would be.
It was based on gore and trying to be twisted in a disgusting and disturbing way, because of this it was dull. No amount of gore could save a plot like this.

Agree or disagree?
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You're reading my mind, dude. The filmmakers were so caught up in seeing how twisted they could be that they forgot there was supposed to have been a plausible storyline in there somewhere. Both central characters were as shallow as a kiddie pool and I couldn't have given a shit about either one. The key to doing a film like this affectively is to create characters that the audience can at least empathize with to some point. SE7EN, as nightmarish as it got, had two well-written characters at its center that were flesh-and-blood and you cared what happened to them. SAW, which needs to be sued for doing everything but put a head in a box just to resemble David Fincher's masterpiece, is basically a prolonged setup with a payoff that would've had some effect had the characters been engaging.
Also the whole problem with the man laying still on the floor for at least eight hours makes it even more unbelievable.
Each situation was more impossible then the next and I agree with your point on caring about the charecters.
I'm glad someone agreed with me,
and thanks for commenting