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Huge Multifandom Icons Post:
SNL "lazy Sunday" Skit: 2
Thirteen: 6
One Tree Hill (WTE,WTM,WTS,WS):32
10 Things I Hate About You: 16
Phil Of The Future: 7
Disney Channel Stars: 36
Abandon: 22
Boondock Saints: 4
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: 39
Cant Hardly Wait: 16
Crash: 29
Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys: 2
Ghost World: 20
Sixteen Candles: 5
The Neverendsing Story: 2
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What's the deal with this movie, Serenity?
People are going nutty over the trailer for it, but I've never heard of it before now. Is it some cult-hit thing? From an amazing book? Does anyone know?
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Good morning.

Can anybody recommend a good documentary? I've seen a few recently, but have noticed a definite lack of them in my collection. What are your essentials?

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Newbie post

1. Name: Marti
2. Age: 24
3. Spot on the map that you live: Stamford, CT
4. Favorite Actor / Actress: Cate Blanchett maybe, and... not sure.
5. Favorite Director: Spielberg; he's just so reliably entertaining gosh darnit.
6. Favorite Score / Soundtrack (both, if you want): The LOTR movies had nice scores, and I guess for soundtrack, well, the Beatles' Yellow Submarine

7. Top 10 Favorite Films.
The Usual Suspects
A Mighty Wind/Best In Show
Shaun of the Dead
Monty Python's Life of Brian/Holy Grail
Oscar and Lucinda
The Royal Tenenbaums
Shawshank Redemption
O Brother Where Art Thou
Hon. Mention to: State and Main

8. If you could live in any film, what would it be? Depends on the day. Right now, Big Night. I could use some timpano. Perhaps Galaxy Quest, or (lame I know) Harry Potter. Or maybe something like Twelfth Night or When Hary Met Sally. I dunno.

9. Last Perfect film you saw (four stars, best of the year, 10/10, anything): Little Buddha was on this morning... Eternal Sunshine was pretty amazing too

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I'm really sorry. I have neglected this place.
As the creator of this community, I am very appreciative
that you guys have joined and actually made this place something,
all while I wasn't in the LJ universe.

I will promise to get this place going again.
Questions of the week, etc ...
Let's be productive.

Just you wait.

-=- Mallory

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1. Name Max Thornton
2. Age 15
3. Spot on the map that you live Baton Rouge, Louisian-a
4. Favorite Actor / Actress: Benicio Del Toro, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Winslet
5. Favorite Director: Frederico Fellini, Sophia Coppola
6. Favorite Score / Soundtrack (both, if you want): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lost in Translation, Empire Records

7. Top 10 Favorite Films.
Lost in Translation
Empire Records
Stand By Me
Eternal Sunshine of teh Spotless Mind
The Virgin Suicides
Clockwork Orange
The Village

8. If you could live in any film, what would it be? Lost in Translation (it's real)

9. Last Perfect film you saw (four stars, best of the year, 10/10, anything) Ray...hands down...

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1. Name:madelaine
2. Age:16
3. Spot on the map that you live:buenos aires, argentina
4. Favorite Actor / Actress: johnny depp ,michael pitt /christina ricci
5. Favorite Director: tim burton/gus van sant
6. Favorite Score / Soundtrack: the dreamers/lost in translation/the virgin suicides
7. Top 10 Favorite Films:
1.edward scissorhands
2.finding neverland
3.eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
4.sleppy hollow
5.the dreamers
7.clockwork orange
9.lost in translation
10.buffalo 66
8. If you could live in any film, what would it be?: the dreamers/finding neverland
9. Last Perfect film you saw (four stars, best of the year, 10/10, anything): finding neverland
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Name May
Age Almost 16
Spot on the map that you live Sydney Australia *NSW*
Favorite Actor / Actress Sarah Polley, Mia Kirshner, Parker Posey, Mischa Barton pre-oc. Generally, people who can act.
Favorite Director Spike Lee. I love watching his movies, they're so passionate - I have some good movie ideas for him.
Favorite Score / Soundtrack (both, if you want) uh, I only have one sondtrack, and that's the Empire Records one. I like it.Top 10 Favorite Films. Dancing at the Blue Iguana, The Dreamers, My Life Without Me, Sylvia, Personal Velocity, New Best Friend., But I'm a Cheerleader. I'm going to stick with these seven, my favourites. Strectching my list to things I like will just defeat the purpose of "Favourite" in the section of the question. And at the risk of sounding extremely cliché (because Quentin Tarantino is so in at the moment, as is depression), Pulp Fiction and Requiem for a Dream do rock.

If you could live in any film, what would it be? A film that's different, a better atmosphere than here. hmm. New Best Friend.

Last Perfect film you saw (four stars, best of the year, 10/10, anything) The Dreamers, I saw it a few months ago and wow, it's good. I did just see Blade Trinity though, surprisingly entertaining (well, Parker Posey and Natasha Lyonne were in it.

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1. Name Todd Frech
2. Age 19
3. Spot on the map that you live Sanger, California
4. Favorite Actor / Actress Julianne Moore & Johnny Depp/William H Macy/Philip Seymour Hoffman
5. Favorite Director Fellini/Kubrick/Truffaut/Gondry/Burton/Waters
6. Favorite Score / Soundtrack (both, if you want) The Graduate/subUrbi@/Empire Records/Cecil B Demented

7. Top 10 Favorite Films.
Rules of Attraction; Far from Heaven; 8 1/2; Before Night Falls; subUrbi@; Y tu Mama Tambien; American Pop; Empire Records; Happiness; Gummo; Royal Tenenbaums; Mitt Liv som Hund (My Life as a Dog); Les 400 Coups. (13, I cheated.)

8. If you could live in any film, what would it be? subUrbi@

9. Last Perfect film you saw (four stars, best of the year, 10/10, anything) Made this year? ESOTSM. In General? The Last Picture Show.

I have a list of movies I need to see but can't get ahold of on vhs/dvd or aren't playing in theatres nearby.

the wild bunch
brown bunny
nosferatu (1922)
everything you wanted to know about sex (but were afraid to ask)
the life aquatic
motorcycle diaries
la mala educacion
knife in the water
bizita q
the fearless vampire killers, or pardon me but your teeth are in my neck.
l'amour en fuite
juliet of the spirits
a woman under the influence
citizen kane
the big lebowski
blade runner
before sunset
dazed and confused
north by northwest
rebel without a cause
the manchurian candidate (1962)
bob & carol & ted & alice
the china syndrome
3 women
marathon man
before sunrise
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